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Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways to engage with prospects and customers.  Buyers are still ranking email promotions as one of the primary ways they learn about new products and services.  However, getting promotional emails into inboxes of educators and medical professionals is no small feat. This is why so many education and healthcare marketers turn to MCH for their email deployment services! 

Over the last decade, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have taken extreme measures to prevent cyber-attacks and spam.  Unfortunately, this means legitimate marketers are getting their email campaigns blocked or moved directly to spam folders. Marketers need to understand the actions to take to ensure inbox placement.  MCH Strategic Data is a leader in understanding what it takes to get your email message into the inbox.

What differentiates MCH?

Monitoring Recipient Engagement

Email Service Providers (ESPs), ISPs, and other 3rd party services are now closely monitoring recipient engagement. MCH watches each campaign to ensure engagement stays within acceptable limits.

Validating Email Addresses

Before an email address is added to the database as well as through on-going maintenance, it is validated through multiple sources and proprietary methodologies. Any emails flagged as invalid are removed from the database.

Improving Inbox Placement

MCH uses proprietary algorithms and processes to improve inbox placement and to prevent blacklisting and blocking.

Testing Campaigns Pre-Deployment

MCH uses multiple email deliverability tools to test each campaign prior to deployment. If the html does not pass, MCH works with the customer to correct the issues that can cause the campaign to fail.

Adhering to Industry Protocols

MCH adheres to all the industry protocols set by ESPs, ISPs and the government.

These are a few important offerings that MCH provides to ensure staying relevant and getting inbox placement for Healthcare Email Marketing and Education Email Marketing. Are you marketing or selling your products/services to Schools, Districts, Child Care, Teachers, Education Administrators, Hospitals, Outpatient facilities, Physicians, Healthcare Administrators? If so, contact us to use our expertise in deploying your next campaign.

Icon for Campaign Management Campaign Management We manage all of the behind the scenes work to get your email deployed.
Icon for Guided Support Guided Support We’re quick and easy and offer free support.
Icon for Trusted Advisors Trusted Advisors Get Free advice on list optimization.
Icon for Compliance Approved Compliance Approved Avoid breaking the law. CAN-SPAM and CASL and GDPR compliant.
Icon for Insights and Intelligence Insights and Intelligence Access detailed reports that make you a smarter sender.
Icon for Deliverability Expertise Deliverability Expertise Ensure your emails are deliverable in the correct format, every time.
Icon for State-of-the-Art Technology State-of-The-Art Technology We have built-in tools and practices to help you safely send emails.


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What People Are Saying

"We buy from MCH Strategic Data on a regular basis having been impressed from the start with how helpful the team is with our initial data requests to processing the orders quickly."
"MCH was invaluable in helping me determine the list that would best fit my company, in addition to staying within my budget."
"Since switching to MCH, we’ve seen a drastic increase of metrics across the board –open rates, click through rates and our leads gathered through capture forms are much higher."
"MCH has proven to be a true partner. Their team provided us with a variety of tools to allow us to easily access quality education data. We appreciate their excellent customer service and technical support."
"I have to say the MCH list platform is the easiest online list count/order system I have used.

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