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MCH Emergency Blood Drive

July 11, 2019  |  Jenny Holt

The Benefits of Giving Back

At MCH Strategic Data we strive to give back to our local communities through various projects. Our headquarters are nestled in a small rural town with a small population. Our rural roots run deep and one of the ways we look out for each other is by hosting a community blood drive. For years MCH hosted an annual blood drive, but with the harsh winters we have endured and most recently severe spring floods, we have learned that our community blood bank is in emergency mode, so we have stepped up our game. We now host multiple blood drives per year.


While perhaps outside of the scope of what one would consider an employee benefit, many of our staff sees this as such. Our staff members understand the importance and value of blood donations, however, living in a rural setting does not always allow for a quick appointment at the blood bank. The Community Blood Center brings its satellite unit and utilizes our building to quickly and efficiently accept blood donations from both staff and community members who have signed up. The donation times don’t take long, and staff is able to book their appointments online, work right up until their appointment and return to work when they are finished. MCH values offering such a benefit to their staff who appreciate the opportunity to impact lives just by giving a few minutes of their day and giving back to the broader community.


At MCH Strategic Data we are proud of our community outreach projects and we appreciate that healthcare is a top priority for most people. When you are in the market for the most current healthcare data, look no further than MCH. We compile multiple healthcare sectors, such as physicians, nursing homes, dental practices, and more. We provide our customers with the quality they want and need.


Perhaps if you are reading this, you will be inspired to host your own blood drive and magnify the scope of healthcare outreach with your employees, a benefit in so many ways.



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