Get Connected with Educators to Find Out What They Really Want!

MCH is an investor in, a professional social network for the education community. This new and exciting capability has been recognized for its broad applicability and contribution to advancing teachers’ knowledge of emerging trends in education, products, and services. The site is focused on enabling educators to use online educator communities to connect with colleagues, create learning communities, share, collaborate, and mentor new teachers.

Education marketers can leverage edWeb to acquire leads, increase brand awareness, and improve revenue. Each edWeb community includes discussion forums, live chat, resource sharing, wikis, polling, and more. Sponsoring edWeb communities enables marketers to be connected with the educators who are leaders in their various disciplines. They are actively engaged and are willing to take their own time to learn and communicate with other educators.

Additionally, Community Sponsors of edWeb online educator communities receive all of the leads from the community. The data includes self-declared information entered when educators became members of edWeb, as well as embellishments from MCH’s robust database. Clients have used edWeb communities for market research and have successfully identified trends, needs, and opportunities.