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Total Institutions 16,717
Total Phone 16,693
Updated 02/13/2017

Public & Private Library Types

Types of Libraries
  Branch Public Library 7,211
  Main Public Library 9,122
  Member Library 2,934
  Public Library 16,715
  Public Regional/District Libr Sys 483
  State Library 51
Updated 02/13/2017

Public & Private Library Personnel

Job TitleInstitution Address
A/V Media Librarian 173
Collection Development Librarian 239
Head of Reference 2,720
Librarian 6,947
Library Director 9,329
State Librarian 52
Young Adult Services Librarian 3,669
Youth Services Librarian 5,951
Updated 02/13/2017

Public & Private Library Features

Library Features
  Audio Books 15,763
  Bookmobile 746
  Friends of the Library 10,827
  Internet 16,083
  Literacy Programs 2,327
  Music 12,924
  On Line Catalog 14,391
  Special Needs Services 3,727
  Video 15,424
Updated 02/13/2017

School Libraries

School Features
  Library Present 102,590
Updated 02/13/2017

School Library Personnel

Job TitleSchool AddressEmail AddressHome AddressNEW to School
Librarian/Media Specialist 66,679 41,051 39,403 2,998
Library Aide 15,531 9,968 8,898 940
Instructional Technology Coordinator 3,770 2,343 2,155 218
Updated 02/13/2017

School District Library Personnel

Job TitleDistrict AddressEmail AddressHome Address
Library Services Director 5,087 3,398 3,209
Updated 02/13/2017

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