Most Accurate Data Available

Compiling data is not easy. How do you collect, verify, or update millions of names each month? We'll tell you how we do it. Here, in the USA. The short answer is constant innovation and the application of cutting edge technology. MCH Strategic Data has been in the business of compiling comprehensive, high-quality education databases for over 50 years. Our USA compiling team of more than 30 employees, many of whom have decades of experience at MCH, constitute the heart and soul of MCH and are the repository of the company’s knowledge and experience. The proof is in the pudding! Download the report: “The State of K-12 School Marketing Data, A Comparative Study”.

Benefits of MCH Cutting-Edge Quality

Our customers can do so much more at so much less expense. That’s the quality advantage. They get the new names each year faster than elsewhere, whenever they order. Even in the spring of the year, new personnel arrive and leave schools at the rate of 0.5% per month. They get more “real” names than expired names because most MCH names are verified or updated every month! Think of the impact on postage and printing costs. Think of the costs of email lists where you pay for emails of teachers no longer there. MCH customers reach a higher percentage of the audience they are trying to reach. It all means better ROI.

Endless Ways to Use Quality Data

Our data is used in many more ways than you would think. Although the most common use is marketing, outreach, or market research, there are many others. Examples are numerous:
• Public service notifications
• Regulatory compliance
• Populate web services
• Validate legitimacy of insurance claims
• Emergency planning
• Establish sales territories
Watch the video to see a good example.

Let's Take a Walk

Take a brief tour of the MCH facility with me. You can see it takes many hands to maintain all this data and to put it in the forms that benefit all of our customers. Most of our employees compile or audit the data and data processing streams, but we also have an IT staff that is constantly upgrading our software and IT infrastructure. Those of you in medium and larger businesses know of the constant development that’s necessary. So let’s take a walk and you can see for yourself.